Korean Language Classes | 6-week progressive programs


Korean classes meet once per week for a 2.5-hour lesson. At each level, the program length is 6 weeks. We offer levels 1 to 6 and beyond.

HIGHLIGHTS: Experienced and qualified teachers, structured teaching, communicative approach, and measurable results.

TEXTBOOK: Korean Language for a Good Job 1 (Darakwon Press). The textbook is not included in the price.

Some of the topics covered in the first two levels:
  • both spoken and written languages are introduced

  •  complete Korean syllabary

  • proper pronunciation

  • grammar - demonstratives, honorifics, the humble form, pronouns, interrogatives, negation, descriptive verbs action verbs, plural markers, irregular verbs, and conjunctions.

  • time, date and numbers

  • make requests, ask for assistance and discuss daily activities

  • the polite informal style

  • present, past formal tenses, future tense markers

  • simple conversations about everyday activities

While we use the prescribed textbook throughout the course, the lesson plans exhibit teacher’s experience and the adaptability skills in view of the classroom's changing needs.  We believe that using a textbook yields the best results for beginner and intermediate students. Therefore, it’s advisable to buy the prescribed textbook(s). They also provide explanatory information that may be useful for a questioning adult student and for homework.


  •  April-June Session ( begins week of April 24, ends week of June 1)
  • Registration deadline: April 10
  • Other sessions

Mondays, 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm